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Huadong single core screened cable quotation
Huadong single core screened cable quotation

What should you know about single core screened cable?

Generally speaking, regular cable has a plastic or insulating material. But single core shielded cable has an extra layer of metal shield surrounding the conductive wire inside. It is normally either a metal braid or foil. And often has an insulated conductor core running alongside it for easy connection. As the name implies, it helps to shield single core screened cable from interference and reduces sensitivity of 1 conductor shielded cable. Also, when select 1 conductor shielded wire, the insulating layer of shield ground wire can conduct. It can be conductive to the shielding layer (with certain resistance). If you have any questions about single core shielded cable, you can contact Huadong Cable Group. And I must tell you, HDC’s single core screened cable not only is high quality, but also is cheap. In order to save money and time, please buy 1 conductor shielded cable in HDC. Looking forward to cooperation with you.

buy 1 core shielded cable with free sample
buy 1 core shielded cable with free sample

How to lay single core screened cable?

When laying single core shielded cable, you have so many laying methods can choose. For example, when you laying single core screened cable in control room, there is a good way to lay it. You can lay 1 conductor shielded cable, it is advisable to lay cable interlining at the bottom. When the number of 1 conductor shielded wire is small, you can use cable layer with movable cover plate. Cable interlayer laying is a kind of common way in recent years. In addition, please be careful when laying single core shielded cable. Safety is of very importance no matter which laying methods you choose. For security, please must check the 1 conductor shielded cable if it is damaged before laying it. When laying single core screened cable, please ensure the safety of construction site. Anyway, safety is the most important. Have any question? If so, please feel free to contact Huadong Cable Group. Not only can we help you solve the cable problems, but also give you a lovable single core shielded cable price.

single core shielded cable manufacturers -- HDC
single core shielded cable manufacturers — HDC

How to choose reputable single core screened cable suppliers?

Do you need top single core screened cable? Do you want to buy single core shielded cable at a discounted price? You answer must be yes, of course. Buy top and cheap single core screened cable, you should find a reputable and great cable supplier. Do you find it by now? If you haven’t found it yet, then you can stop it. Because you are reading the passage. I can tell you with responsibility that HDC is the top and reputable cable supplier. Huadong put consumer first all the time. For sake of consumer, Huadong rigidly control every manufacture step of 1 conductor shielded cable. Huadong can promise that our 1 conductor shielded cable up to the standard absolutely. If single core shielded cable that you buy from HDC goes wrong, you can contact us at any time. We will solve it as soon as possible. Therefore, our after-sale is also very perfect. Please feel free to buy single core screened cable in HDC.

HDC shielded cable manufacturer
HDC shielded cable manufacturer

Cable package and transportation: Huadong professional will supervise the production process to ensure the quality of single core shielded cable. In addition, during the transportation, our staff will be very careful. We will check rigidly single core screened cable package before loading.

Huadong cable factory conductor after insulated XLPEHuadong cable transportation

Our customers: Huadong is one the most professional 1 conductor shielded cable suppliers  from China. Now, more and more customers choose us. They trust that HDC sell the best 1 conductor shielded wires.

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